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Security & Operations SSO SSO (Single Sign On) enables users to authenticate with a single user ID and password to any component. Once logged in, he can access service without re-authenticating. On top of that, Odigo Suite allows to delegate authentication to a third party using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol. Solution page
Teams engagement Timesquare WFM Workforce, Schedules and Time Management: your collaborative and smart tool (Re)Organize the life of the company around optimized daily schedules offering the best balance between employee engagement and customer experience. Do not compromise between performance and legal compliance. Solution page
Security & Operations Voice Biometric Authentication Veridas revolutionizes call center authentication with real-time voice biometrics. Introducing our cutting-edge voice-based speaker recognition solution with our text and language-independent 3-second audio verification. Rated by NIST as the best commercial biometric engine globally, it includes voice authenticity verification for superior fraud prevention. Solution page
Teams engagement Webcoach Quality Monitoring Webcoach is a contact center cloud quality monitoring solution for coaching and training of your agents. It allows users to evaluate Odigo recordings and other interactions based on customizable evaluation forms. It provides an effective quality management tool to improve quality of agents, drive performance & increase customer satisfaction. Solution page
AI & Analytics Wikit The Wikit chatbot digitalizes the support of private companies and public organizations by answering users' questions ! Solution page
Teams engagement YAMMU | Workforce Management YAMMU is a smart WFM solution enabling organizations to use their human resources efficiently and to react agilely to changing conditions. By actively involving employees, their satisfaction can be significantly increased. With YAMMU, contact centers can significantly improve their productivity and profitability. Solution page
Channels Zen Care Zen Care, by Greenbureau, is a Visual IVR that promotes self-care and reduces your company’s incoming calls. It is easy to set up your own parameters to adapt to your customers path to purchase and to enrich your customers experience. Zen Care is available with the main instant messaging channels (Whatsapp, Messenger…) for a 100% self-care service. Solution page
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