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Integration done by Odigo

SSO (Single Sign On) enables users to authenticate with a single user ID and password to any component. Once logged in, he can access service without re-authenticating. On top of that, Odigo Suite allows to delegate authentication to a third party using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol.


  • To navigate seamlessly across multiple tools
  • To authenticate once for all
  • Users can save time, not having to re-enter credentials
  • To integrate easily with major authentication providers


Market compliance

SAML V2 is a market standard with multiple implementation providers: Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft Azure, Lemon NG, Okta,..


This protocol has a high security level, supporting many security standards: XML signing, XML encryption. All exchanges are secured using the browser’s cyphering mechanism

Easy implementation

No specific network flow to open. All exchanges are made through the user’s browser

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