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Voice Biometric Authentication

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Veridas revolutionizes call center authentication with real-time voice biometrics. Introducing our cutting-edge voice-based speaker recognition solution with our text and language-independent 3-second audio verification. Rated by NIST as the best commercial biometric engine globally, it includes voice authenticity verification for superior fraud prevention.


  • COST SAVINGS & OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY. Our solution reduces Average Handle Time (AHT) by 60 to 90 seconds, eliminating manual customer identity verification and minimizing call transfers for reduced call times.
  • IMPROVED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our solution effortlessly eliminates complex passwords and security questions by seamlessly authenticating customers in 3 seconds using just their voices, regardless of the language or text used.
  • INCREASED SECURITY & FRAUD PREVENTION. Biometric technology has proven to be much more secure than traditional methods, also incorporating technology to prevent deepfakes and presentation attacks.


Verify with 3 seconds of voice

Experience the market’s fastest passive voice authentication, delivering swift and secure access in just 3 seconds.

Text & Language independent

Verify any phrase or language effortlessly with our advanced voice biometric solution, freeing users from memorization or repetitive prompts.

NIST evaluated technology

Our internationally acclaimed biometric engine is the world’s best commercial solution, securing #1 position from NIST, making it a leader in the market.


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Voice biometric authentication for Call Centers (IVR)

Veridas voice biometrics, capable of verifying an identity with just 3 seconds of voice, in any language and with any text, is the perfect solution for call centers.


Voice Authentication Solution datasheet
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