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Voice Biometric Authentication

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STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHO THEY ARE. START FOCUSING ON HOW THEY ARE. Identify people by who they truly are through their voice and give your users a seamless & safe experience that they won’t even notice. Choose the leading solution in the market, trusted by Deutsche Telekom, Enel, BBVA, or Prosegur among others


  • FRAUD PREVENTION: Knowledge-Based & Device-based authentication are inflexible and easy-to-impersonate methods | Biometric authentication instead allows seamless and secure verification in every channel
  • COST OPTIMIZATION: Knowledge-Based methods take an average of 30 to 45 seconds if completed on the first try | Reductions in Average Handling Time (AHT) generated with biometrics are on the order of 30 seconds per call
  • USER EXPERIENCE IMPROVEMENTS: Knowledge-Based Authentication is often frustrating and time-consuming | With biometrics, your voice becomes your password, enabling transparent and frictionless authentication


Verify with 3 seconds of voice

The technology can generate and authenticate a biometric voiceprint with only 3 seconds of voice in less than 150 milliseconds. A feature that makes it a unique solution in the market, far ahead of all other alternatives available on the market

Text & Language independent

The user can speak naturally without the need of repeating a pre-defined sentence, and in any language, without prior training of the biometric engine. Transparent, bias-free authentication

NIST evaluated technology

At Veridas we believe in reliable and secure third-party assessment, and therefore we submitted all our technologies to NIST, being the only company in the world present at NIST for both facial and voice biometrics, and obtaining excellent results

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