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The Wikit chatbot digitalizes the support of private companies and public organizations by answering users’ questions !


  • Our chatbot is available 24/7.
  • By using our chatbot, users are in a self-help approach and therefore become independent in the resolution of their issues.
  • Adding a solution like ours can give a real boost of innovation in you IT department.
  • Thanks to our dashboard, you can have access to the KPI of your chatbot and all the statistics you need to improve it correctly.
  • Our chatbot responds in few seconds so that your users can have access to the informations they need immediately.


A pre-trained solution

A pre-trained solution and therefore already specialized in support (IT, HR, etc.)

Multi-channel tool

A multi-channel tool, accessible on website, mobile, or messaging tools (e.g. Teams, OUtlook, Slack, Google Chat…) so that your users can have the answers they need where it’s the most practical for them.

Accessible where you need it

Our solution can be integrated in all business tools (ticketing tools, knowledge base, HRIS…), name the ones you have and need and we’ll have it !

Real-time feedback

You will be able to access detailed statistics and real-time monitoring of key metrics concerning exchanges between employees and the chatbot in our dahsboard.

Smart use of AI

Ou chatbot use AI to answer employees’ questions in a relevant way.

RGPD compliance

Out solution is in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).


Wikit Presentation – English version
File type: APPLICATION/PDF ·File size: 508 kB
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