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Verint Workforce Engagement

Integration done by Odigo

With Odigo CCaS, benefit from Verint’s Workforce Engagement (WFE) solutions to improve overall performance. Turn your agents into ambassadors with Verint Quality Management application. Raise your productivity and offer more convenience and flexibility to your agents with Verint Workforce Management application.


  • To benefit from secured & maintained Odigo connectors
  • To choose a WFE leading solution minimizing risk
  • To meet your business constraints using complete flexible solutions
  • To raise customer satisfaction improving customer care
  • To boost agents loyalty


Quality monitoring

Evaluate and analyze, share feedbacks, coach agents, design and follow-up individual and group performance scorecards

Workforce Management

Forecast and schedule based on your organization working rules, agents skills, etc. Swap shifts, manage agent requests, monitor the adherence, activity and QoS

Connectors with Odigo

Statistics (15min), Agent adherence, Audio recordings import, User synchronization from Odigo admin


Manage the full performance management cycle

All steps of the performance management cyle are available in Verint WFM

Verint Quality Monitoring

All on one single screen : audio player, interaction context, evaluation form. Easy call navigation. Powerful evaluation grids.

Summary of WFM features

Agent profile, work rules, skills, preferences, legal constraints, shift swappings. Forecasting by activity, skills, forecasting models, weighting,…special events tag. Planning: multi-channel, multi-site, scenarios simulations

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Performance Management Solutions
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