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Sphinx iQ 3

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Sphinx iQ 3 is the leading solution for the collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis of your data and data visualization in order to maximize the benefits of your research and better guide your decisions : Listen to your customers, employees or partners, Give meaning to your quantitative and qualitative data, Communicate about your impactful results


  • Sphinx iQ3 is the solution for multi-channel surveys (paper, online, SMS, social media, etc.) which is intuitive and efficient.
  • Sphinx iQ3 supports you at every stage of your research projects: from the design of your surveys to the analysis of the results and their communication.
  • With its combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches and data visualization, Sphinx iQ3 makes your data speak for itself with the effect that the overview of the results is synthetic and precise.


Expert surveys

Create expert surveys and boost your response rates: – Customize your interactive surveys to the respondent’s profile – Reach your target respondents with multi-channel distribution – Schedule and automate the sending of Web/SMS surveys

Quanti/quali analysis

Analyze and leverage your quantitative and qualitative data: – Process quality multi-source data – Make your quantitative data talk – Enrich your understanding with textual data

Communication des résultats

Communicate results with visual and interactive reports: – Share multimedia research reports – Script your interactive dashboards – Share reports to engage your audience


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