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Integration done by Odigo

SMS is much popular and used for both interpersonal communications and mass campaigns. Odigo allows you to use SMS from the agent console to engage individual conversations with your customers. Odigo also proposes massive campaign management capabilities with our Campaign service.


  • Text customers fastly and easily. Your agents receive and answer SMS discussions initiated by customers,
  • Levarage a reactive high read-rate channel. No other media offers such a stickyness.
  • Maximize impacts of your campaigns using our high-resiliency SMS campaigns paltform.
  • Authenticate your customers through real-time SMS one-time password.


Interpersonal discussions

Receive and send personal SMS to your customers, from the agent console and track the conversation thread

Real-time campaigns

Use SMS for fast real-time notifications such as payment confirmation.


Our SMS campaigns platform is accessible via APIs and connected to a wide network of operators


Customise the sender of your SMS account with the name of your service.

EmailToSMS / SMSToEmail

Your agents can send an SMS from one of your business applications, through email/SMS conversion

OTP (One-time password)

Leverage SMS to authenticate your users, fastly, in real-time.


Odigo SMS campaigns mangement platform

Odigo is connected to all French mobile operators and provides SMS termination in a large number of countries through interco partnerships.

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