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SatisFactory Feedback

Integration done by partner

Feedback is a French SaaS solution for managing and analyzing the voice of the customer. It gathers customer feedback (surveys and online review) and analyzes the whole customer journey thanks to AI and semantic analysis. You quickly understand the triggers for improving customer experience and manage your team. We work with +55 large companies.


  • Gather all your customers’ feedback types to get a global view in a single platform: online customer reviews and satisfaction surveys are analyzed and provide a full understanding of customer journey touch points.
  • Understand your customers’ experience. By analyzing customer data and comments, you visualize satisfaction throughout the customer journey. Then, you can monitor your key satisfaction indicators.
  • Implement a continuous improvement process to increase your customers’ satisfaction. Share analyzes and best pratices, get in touch with unsatisfied customers, prioritize your action plans and help teams to improve customer satisfaction KPI’s.


Multichannel collection

Integrate all customer feedback into a single platform: email forms, sms, IVR, online reviews from different websites (Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook…) to ease your analysis and understanding.

Customer journey monitoring

Understand at a glance the moments of dissatisfaction in your customer journey and the satisfaction attributes involved. You can react faster.

Widgets and dashboards

Create your dashboards easily with widgets and export analyzes to share them withing your organization. You can manage personalized dashboards for different profiles of users of your organization.

Semantic analysis

Quickly analyze what your customers are saying in the comments and open-ended questions of your questionnaires. Semantic analysis fits for all sectors. AI helps you what topics have to be monitored.


Trigger the right alerts to act quickly towards dissatisfied customers or on topics that may be sensitive in your customer reviews and feedback.

Competitors benchmark

Track your ranking on the various review sites and benchmark with your closest competitors. You can track each site separately and also have an aggregated view of the ratings with your main competitors.


Create your personalised dashboards

You decide by yourself which widget you want to monitor in your dashboard. You create as many dashboards as you need for your own needs and your collaborators ones.

Analyse your customers comments

You can see, compare and analyse your customer feedback into one platform no matter it source. It is easier and faster to understand what people think about your activity.

Be alerted to dissatisfied customers

Don’t let your customers to be unsatisfied and put alerts to answer them in time. You define objective for your teams to give answers and try to change customers’ perception.

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