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Predictive Dialler

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Designed to streamline outbound campaigns, Noetica’s predictive dialler delivers high performance, self pacing, AI powered technology which ensures that agents’ talk time is doubled on average when compared to other forms of outbound dialling. The dialler incorporates several worldwide patents, designed to provide a high level of regulatory compliance.


  • Double agent talk time as agents are only presented with connected calls. This means that the same amount of outbound work can be performed with half the number of agents.
  • Ensure that your outbound operation remains fully compliant with increasingly stringent regulations around the world. The technology is designed to eliminate all silent and abandoned calls whilst maintaining exceptional efficiency.
  • AI powered, patented technology called Live Person Detection (LPD) filters out 95% of all voicemail and other answering machines, whilst eliminating the initial silence typically associated with older Answer Machine Detection (AMD) technologies.


Visual Call Recycling

Set up your own rules for recycling calls that fail in a consistent and intelligent manner. This ensures that non-technical users are able to devise complex and effective dialling strategies.

Visual Data Segmentation

Manipulate on-screen Venn diagrams in order to segment your customer data into calling lists according to advanced criteria visually, without the need for any technical skills.

Ease of Integration

The dialler provides an open and modern Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as a set of APIs which make integration into existing systems an easy task.


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Noetica SmartBound Dialler

An introduction to Noetica’s SmartBound advanced predictive dialling technology.


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