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Odigo Telecoms

Integration done by Odigo

Odigo is a telecom operator, having interconnection agreements with 20+ operators such as BICS, BT, Telefonica, Orange, Bandwidth, Gamma, Colt, PCCW to ensure coverage in 110+ countries, providing all kind of numbers, traffic collection and termination, SIP Trunk capabilities with our data centers.


  • One single provider for both Telecom and CCaaS operations
  • To ensure worldwide coverage
  • To meet QoS requirements to deliver quality service
  • To be compliant with local regulations


End-to-end commitment

Odigo provides and end-to-end commitment on your operations, ensuring both the traffic and CCaaS operations, and monitoring globally your voice interactions with customers.

Worldwide calls

Collection & termination: Odigo, Orange, SFR, BICS, BT, Colt, Telefonica, Bandwidth, Gamma, PCCW partner with Odigo to provide local service across 110+ countries.

All kind of numbers

Geographical and national numbers available, as well as freephone.

SIP Trunk

Possibility to set up a SIP Trunk between your infrastructures and Odigo’s to minimize traffic costs.


Odigo telecom partners

Odigo is a telecom operator having interconnections with various carriers to ensure calls collection and termination accross an extensive list of countries.

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