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Microsoft Teams connector

Integration done by Odigo

Odigo integration with MS Teams enables contact centers’ agents to access a collaborative platform that centralises and fluidifies the exchanges of work teams with real-time conversations. The two integrations of Odigo and MS Teams lead to better CX with a seamless connector.


  • Save money with no other license needed apart from Office.
  • Improve CX with real-time answers
  • Improve agent experience with Teams integration
  • Save time and agents’ habits
  • Benefit from Odigo’s CcaaS expertise
  • Manage phone interactions in a single interface


Full native integration

Seamless integration of Teams for Agents, single interface for managing interactions, merging agent & administrative telephony.


Teams’ softphone is also natively installed on the agent workstations, identical user experience for call management.

Activity notification

Data collection of use to monitor precisely agents activity.

Wide-range of capabilities

Agent features: Inbound/outbound calls, SMS, Propose a callback, Record a call, Manage a call.


Odigo voice controls accessible from Teams

You agents get access to Odigo voice features from a Teams front end.

Transfer a call from Teams

All Odigo transfer features are accessible from Teams

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Odigo Connectors Brochure
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