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InboxCare is a fully automatic processing solution for incoming messages. We categorize your messages (email and their attachments, contact forms…), extract relevant information and offer smart response drafts. It is transparent and does not require training.


  • Boost your customer satisfaction and improve your Net Promoted Score.You increase the first contact resolution rate, decrease the average processing time and the Customer Effort Score, with an immediate ROI.
  • The solution ÷10 the cost of processing incoming requests. All the messages automatically processed allowing employees to devote less time to tasks with low added value, to focus on their core business and spend more time on quality customer relationships.
  • InboxCare is omnichannel by design and multilingual, and automates message processing from emails, customer service solutions, internal tools, SMS, social media, or any other sources of incoming messages like.
  • Artificial intelligence quickly extracts data from emails and attachments (x3) to automatically process customer requests. The direct connection with your databases efficiently extracts information (order number, parcel number, etc.) to respond more rapidly.
  • Automatic reply and draft templates enable your employees to focus on edge cases and high added-value operations. InboxCare integrates with your existing tools (CRM…) which minimizes technical complexity and simplifies change management.
  • 1 vs 95. This is our average ratio in production of CO2e emitted compared to other AI solutions for processing language. Thanks to our symbolic approach, the volume of data required to obtain a high-performance AI is negligible.



Our NLU technology allows us to detect a large amount of information in your messages as well as the nature of the attachments in order to understand the intentions of your customers and allow faster management of their requests.

Information Extraction

InboxCare extracts information of interest to you from messages and attachments. Use this data to personalize your responses, feed your CRM or databases, and inform your employees when processing incoming requests.

Response Generation

Opt for custom draft replies or auto-responses based on customer intents. InboxCare enriches answers using your knowledge, considering categorization, information extraction, & every tools (CRM, tracking tool…) for well-rounded responses.

Manage complex requests

InboxCare searches your CRM or other databases from the information present in the message and attachments, to personalize your answers or provide you with the necessary information to process your request with multilingual and polysemic management.

Dashboard management

Control your performance in real time and observe your use of InboxCare (number of messages and attachments processed, processing time, evolution in time of use…), control every sign of data drift and explain every action of the solution.


Dashboard on InboxCare

Manage your overall performance through data analysis.

Extraction informations

A code-free interface to simplify message processing.

Monitoring interactions

Prioritise your interactions according to your needs

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