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Google Dialogflow

Integration done by Odigo

Odigo Omnichannel Bot benefits from Google Dialogflow CX’s Natural Language Understanding capabilities to provide the conversational experiences customers expect. The openness of Odigo’s platform allows leveraging the latest AI innovation from Google Cloud, while benefiting from an end-to-end, leading CCaaS solution.


  • Make customer experience natural
  • Answer complex use cases
  • Designed for Contact Center interactions
  • Easily build your own bot
  • Save deployment time across voice & digital channels


Advanced comprehension

Advanced recognition of customer intentions and key information to efficiently handle complex interactions.

Context retention

Capable to handle conversations that deviate from the main topic and seamlessly return to the main flow.

Visual flow builder

Interactive flow visualization to build and train your bot from scratch or by leveraging pre-built agents.

Omnichannel delivery

Build your bot once and then deploy it on both voice and digital channels, leveraging the seamless integration with Odigo CCaaS platform.


Integrate Dialogflow through our connector

Leverage the Dialogflow capabilities in you Odigo Contact Center

Example of a bot dialogue based on Dialogflow

Leverage Dialoflow to animate dialogues through Odigo bot

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Odigo Connectors Brochure
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Find out how Dialogflow is integrated to Odigo
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