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Dynamic Call Scripting

Integration done by partner

A low code/no code solution for the mapping of business processes that accompany a customer interaction from start to finish guiding the agent flexibly to the best and most effective outcome whilst capturing information in the process. It includes an intuitive visual design environment and can be used to create adaptive unified agent desktop applications


  • Dramatically reduce agent training time: Contact centre processes can be implemented within the scripted apps and reducing the amount of information agents need to memorise or look up.
  • Deliver a consistent and compliant service: All contact centre agents will handle interactions in a consistent fashion, removing most human error or misinterpretation of procedures.
  • Reduce the number of applications: By integrating all applications on the agent’s desktop, the wasted time, effort and confusion of flitting between different screens is eliminated. This also results in a reduction of Average Handling Time (AHT).


Visual Design Environment

This is an intuitive, visual low code/no code environment within which scripted apps can be quickly designed, developed and deployed instantly.

Database Transparency

Unlike other products, the designer of scripted apps does not have to construct or amend the underlying database structures used to stored data captured using the scripted app. This is done automatically as the app is designed and published.

Seamless Easy Integration

Scripted apps can integrate easily and without any coding to web services, APIs, external databases, email, files and more. They can also host external web pages and entire applications and provide a logical thread onto which external apps can be attached.


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Noetica Dynamic Call Scripting

A short video illustrating the features and benefits of Noetica’s low code/no code dynamic call scripting solution and increasing agent productivity and effectiveness as well as customer satisfaction.


Noetica Dynamic Call Scripting Brochure
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