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Odigo omnichannel bot is enhanced by Amelia’s market leading Conversational AI solution as recognised by Gartner, Forrester and Ovum. Amelia is able to deliver the best elements of human interaction – conversation, expression, emotion and understanding – to users driving deeper connections and improved customer experience.


  • Amelia is recognised as “The Most Human AI” platform integrating seamlessly with your existing human agents. Amelia can be trained with an almost limitless number of skills allowing her to replicate the workload undertaken by humans.
  • Amelia can spawn multiple copies of herself to allow for horizontal expansion in times of peak workload immediately adding more capacity when your human agents simply cannot cope, or where you need to significantly increase your Agent capacity.
  • Amelia provides flexible integrations with your existing backend systems allowing her to undertake tasks in those systems whilst online with your customers, exactly as a human would do.
  • Amelia is designed with a low code/no code developer front-end called Digital Employee Builder allowing your staff to easily develop new Amelia functionality. DEB leverages the Amelia platform’s cognitive intelligence to provide guided implementations.


Human-like Conversations

Contextual understanding to handle human variance as well as step by step semantic analysis. Ability to create process/dialog flows in real-time to handle unique situations. Analytics and insight into improvements for abandonments and escalations.

System Integration/Automation

OOTB gateways for IVRs (voice), chat, email, text, other IVAs. Built-in integration framework with more than two hundreds of connectors. Ability to orchestrate into multiple application environments and utilise 3rd party automation technologies.

Augment your Human Workforce

Intelligent escalation to human agents with contextual recommendations. Human agents can activate Amelia to carry out tasks and have her take back the conversations in context. Amelia can auto-translate between languages for call centre flexibility.

Continuous Integration

Fully automatable system and content propagation (integration into existing DevOps pipelines. Version control and ability to use external source code repository. Built-in Conversational AI regression testing when deploying new/updated use cases.

Use-case creation and Design

No-code Digital Employee builder for Business Analysts. Learn new skills from transcripts with match and merge algorithms. Analyses and identifies new use-cases from operational data.

Analytics & Learning

Continuous tracking of sentiment allows not only dynamic conversations but also aligning sentiment to key aspects that drive customer CSAT and ultimately NPS. Detailed performance and journey analytics with unique (custom) metrics.


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Why Amelia – The Most Human AI

Amelia delivers the best elements of human interaction – conversation, expression, emotion and understanding – to user experiences every day, driving deeper connections and greater business value.

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Telefónica + Amelia story

In 2017, Telefónica sought to introduce digital voice agents into its call centers. The telecommunications company had two main objectives: Drive customer experience and optimize costs.

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BNP Paribas Security Services + Amelia: A Client Story

BNP Paribas Security Services, part of one of the world’s largest banks, deployed Amelia (renamed NOA) to support more than 1 million clients and employees.

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