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Allomedia speech recognition

Integration done by Odigo

Your Odigo Contact Center as a Service solution can now benefit from Allomedia automatic speech recognition capabilities. Allomedia is an ultra-specialized, European partner, ensuring best in class performances for specific speech processing use cases.


  • Offer accurate transcription for better natural language understanding
  • Customize adapted and contextual speech recognition
  • Faster conversation turns thanks to effective pattern recognition


On the fly auto-adaptation

To detect speech specificities: spelled letters/digits, phone numbers, ZIP codes, license plates, full addresses, personal names, motorbike & car brands.

Optimized language models

Built on hours of Call Center conversations, from several industries.

Customized language models

To cope with specific words such as Brands, Products, Business Acronyms.


Main strengths of AlloMedia transcription

Used in conjunction with Odigo bot

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