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2MARES Workforce Engagement

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2MARES is the leading Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solution in the Spanish and Latin-America market. 2MARES is an all-in-one WFM and QUALITY MANAGEMENT solution fully integrated with Odigo CaaS and Salesforce. The AI-powered Team Productivity solution has been awarded as the best Tech Company of the year at the 2023 Platinum Contact Center Awards.


  • Seamless data integration with Odigo, Salesforce, HR and the rest of corporate systems.
  • Leading WEM solution in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. More than 27 years of experience.
  • Assures the legal, security and labour regulations compliance. ISO27.001, GDPR, ISO, COPC…
  • AI-powered Team Productivity Optimization.


Quality & Coaching

Automate quality assurance and the continuous improvement cycle to achieve results and engagement. Motivates the team in a sustainable way linking current quality, performance, coaching, training and feedback processes.

Workforce Management & HR

Size resources through forecasting and staffing workflows and schedule shifts and multi-skill tasks. Optimize multi-channel (voice, email, chat, social media, etc) and multi-type of tasks (inbound, outbound, backoffice…) easily while monitoring productivity.

Speech & People Analytics

Extend the Contact Center Team’s analysis capacity by implementing automation and intelligent assistance Bots through NLP (Natural Language Processing), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning technologies.


Digital Transformation of the Contact Center

2MARES fosters innovation and digital transformation in the Contact Center. 2MARES Platform connects the different siloes and roles through best practice Workflows that include Human Resources, Quality, Coaching, WFM, Speech Analytics and People Analytics.

2MARES Platform

2MARES is a Smart Data Platform that not only automates workflows improving the productivity of the Contact Center Team, but also extends the employee capacity with intelligent Quality & People Operations robots.

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2MARES WEM : Workforce Management + Quality & Coaching + Speech & People Analytics
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2MARES: Best Tech Company of the year (2023 Platinum Contact Center Awards)
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